Armenian Economy Ministry hampers project of Japanese Shimizu Company on Nubarashen garbage dumps

ARMINFO News (Armenia)
Yerevan, September 3. ArmInfo. Armenian Economy Ministry hampers implementation of the project of Japanese Shimizu Company on electricity generation on Nubarashen garbage dumps in Yerevan through use of biogas. The project costs 8 million US dollars, Gagik Sukhudyan, Senior Lector of Ecological and Ethnic and Cultural Tourism Faculty of Armenian Slavonic University, said at a press conference Wednesday.

He said the project was elaborated yet in 2002. The idea is to utilize 30-35% of garbage and generate electricity from biogas (methane) extracted from urban ore. He said the project is valuable first of all for ecology since 300 tons of garbage is accumulated at the dumps every day and the situation may grow into ecological catastrophe. The project provides for extraction of 95, 000 tons of methane within 16 years hereby reducing discharge of greenhouse gas, about 2 million tons of CO2. Alongside with settlement of ecological problems, $300, 000 net profit is envisaged per year. The project was ready and approved by public organizations, ministries of public health and nature protection. However, at the last stage the Armenian Economy Ministry recognized the project economically unfounded. The Ministry explains that the project implies that the Japanese party will utilize the garbage at Nubarashen dumps till 2016, which will lead to monopoly in the sphere. The Ministry is not satisfied with the fact that the Japanese party offers utilization of only 30-35% of the garbage. The ministry offers waiting for some 7-8 months to elaborate a project on 100% utilization with WB experts. G. Sukhudyan believes the claims of the ministry groundless since there are already monopolies in gas, water and electricity supply spheres in Armenia. He called it strange that the ministry intends to elaborate a new project now immediately before signing the contract whereas the project was elaborated yet in 2002. <Apparently, the project is not within the interests of one of the Armenian parties>, he said.

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