19.02.2010 10:19:53

Manfred Ringpfeil: Nothing could be better for the environment than using natural carbon cycles more effectively and imaginatively, especially considering Europe's agricultural sector and highly sophisticated technology. In that way, bio fuels have the dual incentives of producing ‘cleaner' power as well as increasing European energy security.

Agreement on intentions with RWE Power AG (Essen) on project of methane and carbonic oxide utilization at Nizhniy Novgorod aeration plant was concluded

21.09.2008 21:23:46

The city executive Vadim Bulavin and the general director of company Vodokanal have signed an agreement on intentions with RWE Power AG (Essen) on a project of methane and carbonic oxide utilization at Nizhniy Novgorod aeration plant. The agreement will have effect within the limits of Kyoto Protocol for the purpose of reduction of greenhouse gases emission to the atmosphere.

Armenian Economy Ministry hampers project of Japanese Shimizu Company on Nubarashen garbage dumps

03.09.2008 10:14:14

Yerevan, September 3. ArmInfo. Armenian Economy Ministry hampers implementation of the project of Japanese Shimizu Company on electricity generation on Nubarashen garbage dumps in Yerevan through use of biogas. The project costs 8 million US dollars, Gagik Sukhudyan, Senior Lector of Ecological and Ethnic and Cultural Tourism Faculty of Armenian Slavonic University, said at a press conference Wednesday.

CIA: Czech News Digest - ECONOMY

02.09.2008 10:16:00

According to the chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions, Milan Stech, an 8% salary increase is the minimum for next year and the increase should be higher.Six biogas stations with a total power output of 3.8 MW were added in July, along with two sources combusting waste gas with an output of 305 kW, and one source for combusting biomass with an output of 100 kW.

Karelia to construct pig-breeding farm

26.08.2008 10:19:00

On August 6, 2008 a ceremony of laying the first stone of the new pig-breeding farm in which 12 thousand pigs will be raised annually was held in the settlement Beryozovka of Kondopoga region. The complex is being constructed within the Agro-Industrial Complex Development priority national project. Today there is an idea to use manure as raw material for biogas installations which would generate electric power for heating and illumination of industrial premises of the farm.

Armenia: Round Table Session on Solid Waste Management Held in Orhus Centre

07.08.2008 23:40:07

On 05 August 2008 was announced, that number of representatives from state and public organizations participated in regular discussion of «Nubarashen Landfill Biogas Capture and Power Generation Clean Development Mechanism Project».Deputy Minister of Economy Vahram Ghushchyan presented main objectives of declining by the Ministry of Economy the Protocol of Understanding proposed by «Shimizu» consortium.The Ministry of Economy is against the realization of «Nubarashen Landfill Gas Capture and Power Generation Clean Development Mechanism Project» by Japanese Shimizuconsortium's protocol. On 2002 the Armenian party signed a Protocol of Understanding on waste management with Shimizu consortium. Now the proposal of sign the main agreement was presented to the Ministry of Economy.


14.07.2008 16:24:34

Production of biogas has started in the northern district of Panjakent as part of the «Community Agriculture and Watershed Management, Zarafshan Valley» Project. Speaking in an interview with Asia-Plus, the head of the Common Interest Group, Biogaz, Ehsonali Ashouraliyev, said that a micro project of the Credibility Investment on production of biogas from organic waste (manure) had been launched in the village of Chinor.

ZORG Ukraine Intends To Build Biogas Plant In Kyiv Region By October

14.07.2008 16:22:32

ZORG Ukraine (Kyiv) intends to build a biogas plant at a farm in the village of Velykyi Krupel (Kyiv region) by October.The company made this statement, a copy of which Ukrainian News has obtained. ZORG Ukraine and Ukrainian Milk Company signed a relevant contract on construction in February.Cattle manure will be raw material for the biogas plant.

Ukraine could produce 20 bcm of gas for domestic needs

14.07.2008 16:19:30

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has said that Ukraine can produce 20 billion cubic meters of biogas for domestic needs.“We consume 78 billion cubic meters of gas, whereas we have a potential for producing 20 billion cubic meters of biogas. Let's make biogas one of the sources [of our energy],» Tymoshenko said while addressing Zaporizhia regional executives on Thursday.

Ukrspyrt Intends To Launch Production Of Biogas At 32 Distilleries By 2011

14.07.2008 16:17:17

Ukrspyrt, the state concern of alcoholic beverage industry, has intention to launch production of biogas at 21 distilleries by 2010. In particular, for 2008 the concern has plans to introduce biogas production at extra-budget expenses at 10 enterprises, total capacity in equivalent of natural gas is expected at 36 million cubic meters a year.


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