Karelia to construct pig-breeding farm

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On August 6, 2008 a ceremony of laying the first stone of the new pig-breeding farm in which 12 thousand pigs will be raised annually was held in the settlement Beryozovka of Kondopoga region. The complex is being constructed within the Agro-Industrial Complex Development priority national project. At the ceremony of laying the foundation stone Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia Pavel Chernov has noted, that the cattle-breeding complex this large is constructed in the republic for the first time — when the pig-breeding farm achieves its designed capacity, the livestock of pigs in Karelia will almost be double. His words were confirmed by the Minister of Agriculture, Fish Imdustry and Ecology Vanda Patenko: beginning of construction in Beryozovka alongside with opening cattle-breeding complexes in Megrega and Ilyinsky and commissioning a new calf house in Yanishpole is one of the four events significant for agriculture of the republic this year.

The construction of the pig-breeding farm in Beryozovka can exemplify cooperation of business and authority — in such words speech of the director general of AKS-Holding, Ltd., Georgy Kostyukov started. AKS-Holding is the initiator of creation of a large pig-breeding enterprise, it has been working fruitfully in Karelia for a long time, gained experience of restoration and reconstruction of such large enterprises, as Karelian Meat-Packing Plant, Inc., Korm, Inc., (the Petrozavodsk integrated poultry farm). First pigs will appear in Beryozovka in October or November the next year. «New settlers» will live in brick buildings made according to Danish technology. In particular, it provides gathering manure in special lagoons from which it will be taken out to arable fields. However, today there is an idea to use manure as raw material for biogas installations which would generate electric power for heating and illumination of industrial premises of the farm. 22 workers will serve the huge 6-ha complex. According to Georgy Kostyukov, taxes of the enterprise will make no less than 45 mln roubles. The project in the Kondopoga region will be completed by Kondopoga Pig Complex Joint-Stock Company. General investment for the construction of the complex to be finished in 2011, on the precalculation, will make 230 mln roubles. Due to the introduction of modern technologies and perfection of production infrastructure it is planned to achieve high profitability and to produce competitive high-quality products. Pork will be delivered for sale to the republican market, and to Karelian Meat-Packing Plant, the Karelia official website said.

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